National Civics Day on October 27th honors the same day in 1787 when the first Federalist Papers were published and used as a philosophical basis for America’s Constitution. These Papers mark an important foundation of civic education and discourse in our country. National Civics Day is an opportunity for Americans to answer the call by President John F. Kennedy that “democracy is never a final achievement… It is a call to an untiring effort.” Americans in all 50 states will have the opportunity to learn, act and serve in their community as informed and engaged citizens.

About the Federalist Papers
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison wrote 85 essays under the pen name “Publius” that were published in newspapers across New York State. The first essay was published on October 27, 1787, and became known as The Federalist Papers, supporting passage of the United States Constitution, urging citizens to ratify the legislation and providing thorough explanation of the Constitution forcitizens.

About The Society of Presidential Descendants
The Society of Presidential Descendants embodies the premiere symbol of American presidential legacy, representing a non-partisan direct lineage of families of United States presidents. The Society of Presidential Descendants is dedicated to bringing people and resources together for the advancement of civic education in America. Visit for more information.

About Long Island University’s Roosevelt School
Long Island University’s Roosevelt School is a preeminent institution for education, scholarship and practice in global relations, diplomacy, leadership, and service. The Roosevelt School is inspired by the legacies of the 26th President of the U.S., Theodore Roosevelt; the 32nd President of the U.S., Franklin Delano Roosevelt; and Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Visit for more information.